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90% of companies use less than 10% of their data.

Predictive Modeling

Increase the current visibility into your business by at least 3 times. NLP Logix not only uses your data to gain insights through predictive modeling, but also takes other relevant data sets to provide a whole-new perspective on current and future decisions.

Work-Flow Platform

Cut the time in half that it takes to put analytics into actionable insights at the right decision level. Whether you use SalesForce.com, M-Files, or any other workflow management system, the NLP Logix cloud-based platform can integrate quickly and seamlessly.

Sentiment Analysis

Expand by over 90% your organization’s ability to measure the relationship you have with your customers, employees and others. NLP Logix Sentiment Analysis, monitors and scores in real time every communication for positive and negative sentiment.


Multiply by 10x the number of customers you should upsell, cross-sell, market with discount and maybe even say “good-bye” to. If you own a business and utilize a single point of sale system to track transactions then you are sitting on data which can grow your business.


PCB Manufacturer

The printed circuit board business is highly competitive and UK-based Spirit Circuits is one of the best in the world. NLP Logix is giving them a competitive edge by hosting a predictive model that identifies which of their 700 clients needs attending. This solution was built right into M-Files, their document management system.

Poison Alert!

The Florida Poison Information Center Network has been protecting the public health of Florida’s 19 million residents for 30 years. NLP Logix is helping them take it to the next level by integrating predictive modeling into their work-flow, as well as leveraging social media such as Twitter, into their outbreak monitoring capabilities.

Customer Loyalty

A large software company chose NLP Logix to model customer loyalty. We not only told them which clients are loyal and which are not, but also told them why, and what they can do to increase the probability of a happy customer. Even better – it is all delivered through their SalesForce.com application.

Cell Sell by the Seashore

We wanted to see if we could bring the power of predictive modeling to the individual franchise operator. We worked with a local wireless franchise owner, built an API into his point of sale system, modeled his clients, enriched that info with US Census Data, and sent out messages via multi-channels. The results: Best two months of sales in franchise history.