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The leadership team from NLP Logix will head west to the Silicon Valley to exhibit at the 2017 GPU Technology Conference (GTC) hosted by NVIDIA.

“It will be exciting to meet with the other leaders in deep learning technology,” said Robby Robertson, COO, NLP Logix. “So many of the solutions that we have been delivering to our customers have included the use of deep neural networks, that it will be a great opportunity to show the industry the incredible team we’ve built here at NLP Logix.”

The GPU Technology Conference will be held in San Jose, California from May 8 through the 11th and will showcase the most innovating work in the computing industry today – including artificial intelligence and deep learning, virtual reality, self-driving cars, and accelerated analytics.

Come see NLP Logix at Booth # 925 and use code FFXGTC17 to save up to $552 off regular rates when you register through April 5th.

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