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For the past two years, the team at NLP Logix has volunteered to conduct five weeks of training for rising high school seniors in the basics of advanced analytics. The analytics boot camp was the idea of Michael Mann, Senior Software Engineer a Jacksonville native and graduate of Robert E. Lee High School.

“It is a great opportunity for our team to introduce the basics of advanced analytics to the future technology leaders in our community,” said Mann. “It is amazing how quickly the students pick up on the advanced tools that we use everyday.”


Michael Mann (standing) assist two analytics interns

This summer there are six rising seniors from Robert E. Lee High School and Stanton College Preparatory School, all of whom were hand chosen by their respective guidance counselors.  The training is broken into four segments over the course of the five weeks, during which the students meet at the NLP Logix office Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 pm to 5 pm and includes:

– Familiarization with SQL and data base queries (first week)
– Familiarization with the data visualization tool Tableau (second week)
– Familiarization with the statistical modeling tool “R Studio” (third week)
– Weeks four and five are for presentation prep and delivery at Jacksonville City Hall

To guide the course work, the students choose a problem which can be identified in a number of data sets from the City of Jacksonville and develop a presentation which they will give to a city leader in city hall.


Interns working on their presentations

In addition to time and meeting space, the NLP Logix team donates a laptop to each student that is configured with all of the hardware and software, SQL, Tableau & R Studio, to conduct the project work as well as continue their analytics studies long after the course.

“We believe it is an axiom that data science is a team sport,” said Mann.  “Each individual team member of NLP Logix brings special skills and talents to teaching our students and it is very satisfying seeing them respond to being challenged by a great data science team.”


Ben Webster teaches the finer points of statistical modeling

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