Increase your collections on a per account basis by taking a behavior modeling approach.

Advantages of Working with NLP Logix

check Learn Customer Behavior and how they respond to paying debt
check Determine the most accurate probability to maximize outreach efforts
check Gain an advantage with Daily or Weekly Scoring of Debt



NLP Logix is dedicated towards working together with you to leverage your data to create a model that will predict outcomes and develop treatment plans for optimal recovery.

Our award-winning team can help you achieve a competitive advantage, decrease your credit bureau spend, and increase your collections per active account.

Find out more about data partnerships with NLP Logix

Each Partnership is customized specifically to your team’s biggest challenges.

Get a “first look” at your data findings.

Our data analysts will perform an extensive assessment to determine how NLP Logix can help you gain your highest benefit and which companies can benefit most from a partnership. To help you get a clear understanding about how a partnership will help you drive revenue and optimize workflow, a data analyst will contact you to provide detailed information.

We protect your privacy.

Customer Testimonial

“Since having NLP Logix develop a behavior model to score our debt, we have seen a significant increase in right party contacts and the savings from our reduction in credit bureau costs has more than covered the cost to build and deploy the model.”

— Valued customer

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