The field of data science draws on theories and techniques from many broad areas including, but not limited to, mathematics, statistics, computer science and machine learning. NLP Logix has successfully applied these techniques to extract knowledge, insights and relationships from data in various forms to solve a wide variety of commercial and governmental problems.

The industries we work in:

  • Education

    Identify students at risk of dropping out
  • Agriculture

    Forecasting production and commodities pricing
  • Automotive

    Predicting who has the highest probability to respond to a message
  • Manufacturing

    Measuring the impact of variables on customer churn
  • Healthcare

    Predicting future states of a given population
  • Human Resources

    Measuring who is the best match for the job
  • Energy

    Predicting congestion and its effect on price
  • Banking

    Modeling depositor behavior and offering most likely financial product to be purchased
  • Gaming

    Predicting who is going to win and optimizing the wager based on probable odds
  • Government

    Measuring return on investment for budgetary purposes
  • Marketing

    Response and uplift modeling to optimize ROI on a campaign
  • Call Centers

    Scoring the probability the person contacted will respond favorably
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