Data Science is a Team Sport.

We know how important it is to have the right people dedicated to your A.I. or Automation project. We also know that a single Data Scientist can not accomplish what a team of experts can. We remind ourselves, and our clients, every day – Data Science is a Team Sport. Our team includes Data Scientists, Mathematicians and Statisticians. Combined with the knowledge of our client subject matter experts, we can achieve greatness. We live by this mantra, and it drives everything we do.

Natural Language Processing

Used to teach computers to read, talk or listen.

Predictive Modeling

We teach computers to estimate a data-driven task.

Business Intelligence and Analysis

Gives you the insights into what is driving a certain action so decisions for change can be made.

Robotic Processed Automation

Used to have the computers click and gather information from legacy systems.

Computer Vision

How we teach computers to see and identify information in images.

Sentiment Analysis

Used to derive implied intent in spoken and written words.

Non-Profit and Government

Analytics and grant application support. Use the power of data to set your application apart from the others.

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HR and Talent

Super charge your candidate sourcing using the latest AI tools. Faster submissions of candidates means a higher probability of successful placement

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Optimize supply chain and maintenance functional areas. Put the power of historical data in the hands of the front-line maintainers.

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Automate your medical record coding. Use existing clinical data to drive outcome-based decisions.

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Accounts Receivables

Work the accounts with the highest probability to pay Increase receivables through intelligent automation.

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Automate applications and policy approvals. Extract important historical information for future insights.

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