NLP Logix Presents to the Consumer Relations Consortium

Alexandria, VA – The Innovation Council, which is a part of the Consumer Relations Consortium, held its third and final meeting of 2017 here on November 14 and 15.  NLP Logix was selected to join the group of thought leaders in consumer relations earlier this year to represent and explain advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence in this field.

“It has been a tremendous year for advances in technology in the accounts receivable management industry,” said Robert Marsh, Co-Founder and CTO, NLP Logix.  “In addition to presenting how machine learning models can increase value in consumer interaction, we also focused on how advances in artificial intelligence allow for the automation of tasks normally done by humans.”

According to the organizations’ website, the Consumer Relations Consortium established the Innovation Council because advancements in technology and creative approaches to old issues will be essential to success in the face of increasing regulation.  And because the smartes minds will be more powerful together than on their own in developing today’s and tomorrow’s most innovative solutions.

“We had a great time participating this year,” said Katie Bakewell, Lead Statistician, NLP Logix.  “We look forward to keeping up with latest advances in machine learning and AI and presenting them next year and beyond.”

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