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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

…because informed business decisions require much more than gut instinct and intuition

Advanced Analytics is the process of gathering large amounts of data, augmenting them with external data sources and using advanced computing to identify patterns, correlations, and outliers which will enable identification of trends and potential future outcomes.

The result is an ability to visualize your data in a new way that provides immediate insight and new opportunities to drill in deeper.


Your Data

external data

External Data


New Insights

“We could probably find an analytics firm with their level of expertise, but their delivery makes me want to keep doing business with them.”
Saralyn Grass, Kids Hope Alliance

The Secret to Your Future Success…

…most likely lies in your data

Our team of Data Analysts, Statisticians, and Engineers can help you make sense of your data.

Put Your Data to Work for You

It’s not always about getting an answer to a specific question.  Instead, we dig deep to try to understand your data world and how you are using it.  Then we can guide you to what the important factors are within your data.

Whether we build a custom analytic solution, or harness the power of a tool like Tableau or Microsoft Power BI your data can be compiled and harvested to spot trends and provide you with the tools you need for informed decision making.

Not sure where to start?

Case Study : Grants for Children’s Services

Using Advanced Analytics, we developed a dashboard for a Jacksonville based non-profit organization that enables them to see data from multiple sources, including crime statistics, social and economic data, bus routes, children’s resources, and more, all in one space. This compilation of data provides them the insight they need to allocate their resources where they will be able to help the most children. Therefore, by being able to demonstrate a depth of data and a solid action plan, they were able to secure the grants they needed to make their mission a reality.

Data Driven Decision Making

We bring the insight to you

  • Track model and business performance
  • Surface insights through visualization
  • Process flow analysis
  • Tying all segments together
  • Awareness of actionable data points

Let’s talk about helping you achieve your business goals with Advanced Analytics

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