Published On: November 16th, 2023Categories: Blog

Four years ago, NLP Logix launched its first-ever AI and Machine Learning conference in Jacksonville, FL. Born from client feedback, “We like what you do for us, but what do you do for others?” NLP Logix sought to develop a community of learning and support for those interested in Data Science through its annual conference, AI Collaborate. Held each year on the anniversary month of the founding of NLP Logix in 2011, this event brings together the Data Science community from near and far. This year’s farthest attendees came from Serbia, 5,344 miles away from Jacksonville.

In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, NLP Logix’s annual conference, AI Collaborate, stands as a beacon of innovation and a gathering point for some of the brightest minds in the industry. This year, the conference theme, “It’s Just REAL,” focused on an in-depth exploration of the “REAL-world” uses of advanced AI. Attendees embarked on a journey through the realms of machine learning and beyond, experiencing firsthand the transformative potential of this rapidly progressing field.

The conference commenced with keynote speakers Michael Vitti, PGA, and Jeff Kammerer, AWS, illuminating the origins and evolution of “REAL” AI – responsible, ethical, and authentic. As they dove into the critical importance of ethical considerations in AI development, they kicked off a series of presentations on the responsible integration of AI technologies into our daily lives and business operations.

During the two days of AI Collaborate, presenters and panels explored real-world use cases of technology advancements. Speaking from personal experience, presenters spoke to trial and error, success, and real ROI centered around:

· Natural Language Processing (Audio) – Tim Ottersburg, NRC and Harsha Nalla, NLP Logix

· Sentiment Analysis – Sean Paley, Ezra and Ben Webster, NLP Logix

· Behavioral Analysis – Michael Brooks, Trace3 and Katie Bakewell, NLP Logix

· Computer Vision – Sergio Passalacqua, ITEL and Anton Kornienko, NLP Logix

· Assessing AI – Alan Schwartz, iVenture and Ayra Mendoza, NLP Logix

Panel sessions topics were a comprehensive discussion of topics focused on:

· Ethics in AI (Evan Schwartz, AMCS; Billy Steeghs, OnDefend; Wanyonyi Kendrick, City of Jacksonville; Gwen Griggs, ADVOS)

· Establishing ROI (Katie Johnson, NRC; Ryan Lifferth, MetaSource; Asher Lohman, Trace3; Matt Bereseth, NLP Logix)

To showcase how NLP Logix’s partners are using machine learning technology to push the boundaries, AI Collaborate’s Tech Expo showcased “REAL” AI in action. Attendees from diverse industries witnessed how cutting-edge solutions have revolutionized companies. Demonstrations were led by NLP Logix partners:

· Dale Probst, Opptly – AI Application Development

· Dawn Sollee, Florida Poison Center – Advanced Analytics

· Sergio Passalacqua, ITEL – Computer Vision

· Kristina Lynch, Beeline – Statistical Modeling and Application Development

· Josh McFarlin & Jonathan Brigman, AirPro -Computer Vision and Augmented Reality

Tech Expo attendees had the opportunity to participate in interactive sessions that allowed for a deeper exploration of these topics, providing a platform for attendees to engage directly with industry experts.

A defining feature of AI Collaborate is the emphasis on community-building and collaboration. Attendees, ranging from seasoned professionals to budding enthusiasts, found ample opportunities to connect, share ideas, and forge partnerships that promise to drive the AI landscape forward.

AI Collaborate 2023: It’s Just REAL, was a resounding success. As we bid farewell to this year’s conference, we look ahead with anticipation to the advancements and breakthroughs that will emerge from the ideas shown at AI Collaborate. Together, we are on a mission to bridge the gap between vision and reality, shaping a future where responsible AI enhances and empowers business and their solutions.