Analytics Assessments

Custom analytics assessments and custom data visualization dashboard development

Our Analytics Assessments are designed for progressive organizations in any industry who are interested in using AI/ML to build efficiencies and reduce costs within their operations. Key stakeholders typically include, C-suite, IT, Operations and Business Intelligence.

Our 6 week Analytics Assessments are designed to uncover multiple areas of automation within your organization.

Our assessments cover:

  • Discussions with client stakeholders in various departments where you believe AI could be applied
  • Pulling in data from all relevant systems for analysis
  • A dashboard to visualize your data
  • A roadmap that would identify several use cases and show how an AI/ML solution could be applied and put into production
  • A formal review of the results with our data science team and possible ROI from these projects


Our Analytics Assessments span a 6-week period and take our customers through five key phases:

1. Kick Off

  • Team introductions
  • Learn business objectives and overall process & workflows

2. Discussions with Key Stakeholders

  • Understand specific process workflows
  • Identify challenges by department
  • Define goals from various stakeholders

3. Gather & Understand Data

  • Identify data sources and systems
  • Determine amount of historical data
  • What API’s are available
  • How accurate is the data?

4. Build Analytics Dashboard

  • Visualize data in custom-built dashboards

5. Automation Roadmap

  • Formal review
  • Identify automation opportunities
  • Recommended approach
  • Potential ROI
  • Future State plan
Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept

After completing the Analytics Assessment, your team will receive a custom dashboard(s) to visualize your existing data and clearly measure KPIs that are important to you. These dashboards can be built in either Tableau or PowerBI. We will deliver a findings report that identifies gaps and areas of opportunity for your organization to improve, as well as any opportunities to automate your existing process or company workflow. We will also provide future recommendations on cadence of measurements and data hygiene.

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