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RPA Health: Maintenance Matters

2023-07-21T16:16:08+00:00October 19th, 2022|Categories: Automation, Data Capture, Robotic Process Automation|

Ride the Wave of Model Health Monitoring Preventative maintenance is beneficial to health…even for a bot. Immune to the nuance of human errors, bots used in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are some of the strongest workers, even while working their 24/7 shifts.  Incorporating RPA into your business and shifting your human workforce to higher-level tasks can reduce error rates and allow you to recognize efficiency gains.    In the world of automation, system health is a priority.  Health can degrade due to any slight changes to the user interface (UI) or updates to the systems it touches.  As a precautionary method to maintain the automation flow, NLP Logix Client Operations, aka Bot [...]

Data Capture Automation vs OCR

2023-08-04T17:24:03+00:00July 6th, 2022|Categories: Data Capture, Data Extraction, OCR/ICR|Tags: , , |

What is the difference between OCR and AI/ML Data Capture? To put it simply, OCR recognizes text and follows simple commands.  AI/ML Powered Data Capture captures the intent of the document and reads the words. NLP Logix’ patented Data Capture Automation technology incorporates Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning to capture all the data in a document in context. This process interprets the data objectively, much the same way a human would.  Over time, Data Capture Automation can learn from it's mistakes and adapt to new content. Incorporating additional automation to your data extraction process can increase scalability, lessen the need for human [...]

Fourth OCR Patent Awarded to NLP Logix

2022-07-20T20:16:24+00:00February 16th, 2021|Categories: Data Capture, Data Extraction, OCR/ICR, Press Releases|

NLP Logix Awarded Fourth Patent for Industry Leading Application of Artificial Intelligence to Extract Data from Document Images Jacksonville, FL, February 16, 2021 Just about every organization in the world has large volumes of documents stored in a physical folder and/or in digital format in a data base in their server rooms or in the cloud. These documents represent years of hard work by the employees who produced them, as well as a large financial investment made by the organization. The challenge for organizations has been how to automate classifying and extracting pertinent information from all the different document types. The most current optical character recognition (OCR) technologies fall well [...]

Innovation and Automation in Data Extraction

2022-07-20T20:51:44+00:00February 3rd, 2021|Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Data Capture|Tags: , |

Automation in Data Extraction How quickly can you respond to economic fluctuations? Does your volume fluctuate? One thing we learned in 2020 was that our predictions for our business volume was about as accurate as a flip of the coin.  Some businesses saw exponential growth, while others stagnated.  Many businesses learned hard lessons about being able to scale quickly and efficiently. If your industry is one that fluctuates with markets, seasons, or other variables, it is very difficult to hire, train, and maintain staff to manually process your data. It becomes crucial to find a solution that allows you to flex your current staff...not only can they [...]

Deep Learning Data Extraction Technique – NLP Logix Awarded 3rd Patent

2022-08-17T18:46:34+00:00June 9th, 2020|Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Case Studies, Data Capture, Data Science, Deep Learning, Press Releases|Tags: , , , , |

Neural Network-based algorithm that was originally trained to identify breast cancer tumors on pathology slides, re-purposed to classify and extract data from document images with Deep Learning Data Extraction.   Jacksonville, FL - In late 2015, NLP Logix Lead Data Scientist, Matt Berseth, entered the company into the Camelyon16 Grand Challenge. The Camelyon16 was a challenge for the medical and computer science communities to come together to train a computer to identify breast cancer tumors, at a level at or above the highest trained pathologists in the world.  In April 2016, the top five winners were announced, with the combination team of Harvard Medical School and MIT taking first place, and [...]

Document Processing – Case Study Series

2022-08-17T17:06:57+00:00April 28th, 2020|Categories: Automation, Case Studies, Data Capture, Natural Language Processing|Tags: , , , , |

Automated Document Processing Pipeline   Focus on Scribe Fusion   Performance Matters. The Scribe Fusion technology allows for the processing of large volumes of paper documents with a mixture of OCR/ICR and artificial intelligence to interpret documents in much the same way humans do. This novel approach has led to drastic improvements in the data capture accuracy rates and scalability. With NLP Logix's Scribe Fusion™, our technologies were developed by an award-winning team of deep learning experts. We move beyond deploying out-of-the-box OCR/ICR software using artificial intelligence to interpret documents in much the same way humans do. We help our clients achieve levels of accuracy that are not possible with existing data [...]

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