Knowing the Answer to “WHY?”

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The parent lacking patience may say the answer is “because.” The teacher lacking inspiration may say the answer is “find out on your own.” The person lacking confidence may say the answer is “I don’t know.” Notice anything about these answers to WHY?   What do they say about a purpose? More importantly, what do they have in common? Think about it for a moment.  In the book "Start with Why," Simon Sinek shows how leaders with the greatest influence in the world all think, act, and communicate the same way--it's the opposite of what everyone else does.  In the above examples… the answers to “WHY” are based on lack and avoidance. We’ve [...]

A Letter from Our CEO, Ted Willich

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A Letter from Our CEO, Ted Willich Looking Forward to 2023 The team here at NLP Logix enjoys reflecting on the past year and putting our plans together for another successful year!  This year is no different and we are excited to continue to grow our business and team.  To facilitate this growth, we have reorganized the company to reflect our passion for solving our customers hardest data problems! The three functional areas and their responsibilities are: Data Science team, which is led by our Co-Founder and CIO, Matt Berseth.  The Data Science team is responsible for all Research and Development, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, including applications to monitor [...]

Model Health Monitoring: Ride the Wave

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Ride the Wave - Model Health Monitoring How do data science and ocean tides correlate?  A predictive analysis could be performed on the movement of currents and the ebb of tides, but let’s instead consider “drift” in relation to model health, the occasional subtle changes that may, or may not, occur over time within a model.  Drift is evidence that the data going into or coming out of a model is changing over time. Subtle changes may occur within models that often go unnoticed.  Recognizing the warning signs of possible shifts is essential in model health monitoring.  In a recent presentation called Catch My Drift, NLP Logix Modeling & Analytics Team [...]

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