Advances in computing capabilities combined with deep learning algorithms have given skilled machine learning teams, like NLP Logix, the ability to train computers to identify and classify images.  Over the past two years, NLP Logix has invested heavily in the infrastructure to deliver world-class computer vision solutions.


Your Human Resources Intelibot
NLPLogix technology provides your very own AI powered recruitment assistant. Our technology can help source candidates based on data science assisting your talent acquisition staff to quickly find and submit the best talent matched to your opportunities.
Delivering on the Promise of Computer Vision in Healthcare
WiseEye AI is developing a suite of computer vision products in partnership with the Mayo Clinic and other leading healthcare organizations. The first product is a white matter hyperintensity algorithm that measures the total amount of brain in an image and calculates the total white matter burden for the patient. This is an important metric for patients being treated for MS and other neurological diseases.
Your Finance Intelibot
Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to improve creditor collection of outstanding debt through personalized and automated communication, to detect fraudulent and abnormal financial behavior, and/or to improve general regulatory compliance matters and workflows. At NLP Logix, we see the challenges and we are close to launching a great solution!
Your Human Resources Intelibot
NLP Logix helps transform how organizations get work done by combining the power of artificial intelligence with market leading document and email management. Using artificial intelligence (AI), scanning , classification , data extraction and sometimes data validation all occur at the same time without much human intervention. NLP Logix has developed just the tool to help maximize efficiency for your organization. Look out for our upcoming launch.

The Learning Process

  • gathering enough imagery samples to train an algorithm
  • annotation software to highlight the imagery being learned
  • deep learning algorithms combined with graphic processing units (GPU’s) to process the large amounts of data
  • software to integrate with a customers system to process the imagery
  • user interface to render model results

The rule of thumb at NLP Logix is “if a human can see it, then we can train a computer to see it just as well.”  We’ve proven it time and again for clients as varied as healthcare providers to a large logistics company in North America.


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