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Collection Scoring Model

Collection Scoring Model

Applying Machine Learning to Collections

The Paypensity Collection Scoring Model provides deeper insights into the Collectability of Debts

Paypensity’s machine learning algorithms allow accounts receivable management and collections organizations to increase collections & debt recovery through the creation of data-driven, customer specific contact strategies, dynamic scoring, and advanced analytics.


AI – Driven Collections Scoring

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CFPB Regulations

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently released a new rule governing the attempts to contact a consumer about a debt.

Ensuring you are able to maximize your attempts is more crucial than ever.

Read our blog post on how Machine Learning models can help with this new rule. 

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Debt Scoring Done Differently

See the Paypensity Difference


Traditional Fico Scoring

Out of the Box ML Scoring

The Paypensity Approach

Rank debt for strategic utilization




100% of accounts scored



Successfully passed CFPB audits



Custom built on your data


Dynamic score


Flat fee pricing


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medical collections

Prioritizing Collection Accounts for Outsourcing

Healthcare Providers typically outsource their receivables to enable their staff to focus on patient care rather than collections.  With our scoring model, you can easily prioritize the collection accounts that will be more likely to pay, saving on outsourcing fees.

Learn more in our article Using AI/ML for Collection Scoring.

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