Community Involvement

Giving back to our community is part of our DNA at NLP Logix

NLP Logix supports a number of charitable organizations including, ChemoNoir supporting families with a member being treated for cancer, the Jacksonville Humane Society, K9’s United and the Schell-Sweet Community Resource Center.

Analytics Boot Camp

For the past eight summers, NLP Logix has run an analytics boot camp for rising seniors in the Duval County Public School System. This five-week program allows 10 – 12 students from different schools to work in teams (of course) learning the basics of analytics and machine learning. The students are each given a laptop to keep and the first week focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Structured Query Language (SQL) and the second week focuses on learning Tableau and visualizing and analyzing data. The remaining weeks focus on teaching the fundamentals of machine learning using Python and the program ends with the students presenting actual machine learning models they built to solve a problem to various entities in town, including the University of North Florida School of Computing, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the leaders in Jacksonville City Hall.

Supporting our local Colleges and Universities

We enjoy fostering a strong relationship with our local colleges and universities.  Offering support and encouragement to the next wave of Software Engineers, Data Architects, Mathematicians, and Business Managers is our goal.  Tech job opportunities continue to rise and ensuring that those positions can be filled with skilled, educated professionals is important for our community as a whole.

Whether it be teaching an occasional class, doing presentations, or attending career fairs, NLP Logix team members are frequently found on our local campuses.

Additionally, local college students are frequently found in the NLP Logix office, working and learning as paid interns.  In many cases, we find a great fit with an intern who joins our team full-time after graduation.

Data Science is a Team Sport.®

That’s not just our mantra, that’s how we do business. Our “team” is not just our internal employees, it’s also our clients, our community, and so much more.