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Data Capture Automation

Put Your Data to Work for You

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AI-Driven OCR Document Processing

The future of intelligent document workflow automation

Intelligent Optical Character Recognition

By integrating AI, RPA, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing into our OCR software we don’t just identify key terms in a specified field but actually capture all of the data in context.
This enables us to analyze documents objectively, much the same way a human would.

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AI-Powered Data Capture Automation goes beyond your standard Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by incorporating Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning

Fully Customizable to suit your needs, your Data Capture Automation process might include:


Ensure your deployed model performs optimally over time with Model Performance Monitoring

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Four Patents for AI – Driven Document and Image Data Extraction using Computer Vision

What our customers say about NLP Logix:

“NLP Logix enabled Data Dimensions to achieve tremendous improvement in quality and efficiency while providing scalability and reliability within the platform. They provided insights into complex data challenges and problems.  Their ability to execute improvements based on these learnings has been impressive and exciting. NLP Logix demonstrated they can connect all the right dots and positively impact the business.”
Jon Boumstein, Former CEO, Data Dimensions

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