Published On: April 28th, 2020Categories: Automation, Case Studies, Data Capture, Natural Language Processing

Automated Document Processing Pipeline


Focus on Scribe Fusion


Document Processing

Performance Matters. The Scribe Fusion technology allows for the processing of large volumes of paper documents with a mixture of OCR/ICR and artificial intelligence to interpret documents in much the same way humans do. This novel approach has led to drastic improvements in the data capture accuracy rates and scalability.

With NLP Logix’s Scribe Fusion™, our technologies were developed by an award-winning team of deep learning experts. We move beyond deploying out-of-the-box OCR/ICR software using artificial intelligence to interpret documents in much the same way humans do. We help our clients achieve levels of accuracy that are not possible with existing data capture products. Our technology allows them to process high-volume loads efficiently on their hardware, or ours. And, we roll out minimal-friction deployments, mixing and matching our software with our clients’ existing solutions.

Over the years, we’ve helped clients overcome significant hurdles within their OCR and Data Capture initiatives through our Scribe Fusion technology.

We’re sharing a 5-part series to uncover the challenges that we have helped our clients overcome, and the results that were seen.

These five case studies each share insights into the technology and capability delivery of Scribe Fusion. Each article will take your through the process of a document within the data capture, processing and analysis stages of the OCR pipeline.

Learn how Scribe Fusion can help your business reach new levels of automation and efficiency.

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