NLP Logix at the 2023 North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology

NLP Logix at the 2023 North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology In 2013 NLP Logix began working with the Florida Poison Information Center Network to create Tableau dashboards to enable statistical analyses of Poison Center data and data from Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. Over a decade later, this partnership has grown to include the maintenance and enhancement of the code base for the proprietary electronic medical record (EMR) platform known as “ToxSentry.” Owned by the University of Florida and Grady Hospital Corporation, ToxSentry had been specifically designed by, and for use by, Poison Control Centers (PCCs). ToxSentry includes a suite of products: ToxSentry: EMR Platform for healthcare practitioners working in poison centers ToxSentry Web (aka, QueryBuilder): Web Based ad hoc query and reporting tool ToxSentry ancillary modules (e.g. NPDS Auto Uploader, ToxSentry Search Assistant): Provide automatic data upload to national and statewide databases and integration of POISINDEX Clinical Information Systems ToxSentry Analytics: Data characterization/analytics via an array of Tableau dashboards The ToxSentry Consortium consists of a group of PCCs who have worked in partnership with NLP Logix to develop enhancement solutions to fit their clinical and administrative needs. NLP Logix’s Modern Solutions Software Engineer, Jim Alabiso, states, [...]

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Revolutionizing Conferences with Holographic Presenters: The Future of Dynamic Communication

“Beam Me In” In a rapidly evolving world of technology, the way we communicate and share knowledge is continually being transformed. One of the most exciting innovations making waves in the conference and presentation industry is the use of holographic displays to deliver remote presentations. Imagine a scenario where you can attend a conference, deliver a keynote speech, or participate in a panel discussion without leaving the comfort of your own office or home. It might sound like science fiction, but this futuristic concept is becoming a reality, offering a new dimension to remote communication that promises to revolutionize the way we interact at conferences. NLP Logix has rented a Proto Epic, a life-sized hologram 7ft tall interactive device with 4K video and a touchscreen. It is thanks to this holographic display that we are able to be “beamed in” to a conference from anywhere at any time. You will see the Proto Epic portal being used at the ExcelinEd National Summit on Education, coming up November 15-17 in Atlanta, Georgia. This Summit on Education is the foremost annual conference where over a thousand education policymakers, state education leaders, and advocates come together to exchange results-driven solutions and strategies, [...]

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Education and Adoption of Your AI Solutions: Maximizing the Full Potential

Education and Adoption of Your AI Solutions: Maximizing the Full Potential In today's fast-paced digital landscape, companies are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to gain a competitive edge. These cutting-edge technologies have the potential to revolutionize various aspects of business operations. However, due to a lack of complete adoption, many organizations find themselves not fully capitalizing on the immense benefits their custom solutions can offer. The Promise of AI in Business AI technologies have demonstrated their prowess across industries, from automating repetitive tasks to making data-driven predictions that can inform critical business decisions. Companies are utilizing AI in customer service, operation optimization, marketing, and more. Yet, despite its widespread adoption, there is often a gap between merely implementing AI solutions and truly harnessing their transformative power. Education as the Catalyst One of the fundamental challenges lies in ensuring that employees at all levels of an organization understand the capabilities and potential applications of AI. Comprehensive education programs are essential to bridge this knowledge gap. These programs should cover not only the technical aspects but also the strategic implications of AI for the business. By investing in employee training, companies can empower their workforce to leverage AI tools effectively. [...]

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AI Collaborate 2023: It’s Just REAL – Exploring the Cutting Edge of AI with NLP Logix

Four years ago, NLP Logix launched its first-ever AI and Machine Learning conference in Jacksonville, FL. Born from client feedback, “We like what you do for us, but what do you do for others?” NLP Logix sought to develop a community of learning and support for those interested in Data Science through its annual conference, AI Collaborate. Held each year on the anniversary month of the founding of NLP Logix in 2011, this event brings together the Data Science community from near and far. This year’s farthest attendees came from Serbia, 5,344 miles away from Jacksonville. In the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence, NLP Logix's annual conference, AI Collaborate, stands as a beacon of innovation and a gathering point for some of the brightest minds in the industry. This year, the conference theme, "It's Just REAL," focused on an in-depth exploration of the “REAL-world” uses of advanced AI. Attendees embarked on a journey through the realms of machine learning and beyond, experiencing firsthand the transformative potential of this rapidly progressing field. The conference commenced with keynote speakers Michael Vitti, PGA, and Jeff Kammerer, AWS, illuminating the origins and evolution of “REAL” AI - responsible, ethical, and authentic. As they [...]

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Cupcake or Wedding Cake?

Cupcake or Wedding Cake?   Imagine being responsible for picking up dessert for your three-year-old’s birthday party. Now imagine showing up, surrounded by Bluey balloons, happy children, and someone in a Bingo costume, holding a three-tiered wedding cake. Or even worse, imagine showing up to a formal wedding with a tray of Bluey cupcakes!   Both the wedding cake and the cupcakes are delicious, but neither would really be appropriate for the occasion. Natural language processing, as a field, is just like cake. Just as there are cupcakes, sheet cakes, sculpted cakes, and extravagant wedding cakes, there are simple bag of words solutions, discriminative NLP solutions, and Large Language models…and each solves a specific type of problem. Picking the right solution is just as important as the methodology for building the solution in the first place.   Custom-trained fine-tuned large language models are like the three-tiered wedding cake. These models are extremely powerful for situations requiring the generation of custom text, such as summarizing input data or answering custom questions. Trying to solve such complex problems with one of the more simple NLP models is showing up with those Bluey cupcakes. However, like a wedding cake, building a custom trained large language [...]

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Awards Blitz

Awards Blitz NLP Logix is proud to be recognized as 2023 award recipient for Inc 5000 and Business Journal’s Fast 50 Tech Leader awards.    Having experienced a 244% growth increase in the last three years, NLP Logix was nationally recognized this past month as part of Inc. 5000.    NLP Logix is a proud finalist in GrowFL's Companies to Watch program. Reflecting on the accomplishment, Ted Willich, CEO of NLP Logix, remarked, "Earning finalist status in the GrowFL Florida Companies to Watch Awards underscores the dedication of our NLP Logix team. Our commitment to expanding NLP technology's horizons and fostering industry innovation is unwavering and this recognition bolsters our drive to continue to deliver business process automation solutions using artificial intelligence." The award criteria require a range of 6 to 150 employees and 2022 revenue between $750,000 to $100 million. This year the competitive pool consisted of over 550 Florida nominations and finalists span diverse sectors and collectively contributed 2,770 jobs and nearly $813 million in 2022 revenue. Notably, these companies project a 29 percent revenue growth and a 21 percent employment increase by the close of 2023. Home to an array of top-notch companies, First Coast businesses were presented [...]

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Data: Let Consultants Help Your Game

Data: Time to Let Consultants Quarterback Your Data Game Just like in the National Football League, every business today finds itself holding a football brimming with data. They've huddled, recognized the power of their data football, and know that it's their ticket to a touchdown. Yet, many are left fumbling with AI innovations, sounding more like secret locker-room jargon than the game-changing plays they truly are. The good news is, AI consultant companies like NLP Logix are ready to step in as the star quarterbacks to lead your data team to victory!  A recent Wall Street Journal article, "Consultants Emerge as Early Winners in Generative AI Boom," dissected this shift in play. Essentially, businesses are now ready to pass the AI ball to consultants and let them run the field.  Why the strategic handoff to AI consultants? Let's put it this way - developing AI solutions in-house is like trying to make a rookie play every position on the field simultaneously. It requires a lineup of specialized talent, navigating complex defensive data structures, calling the right algorithmic plays, and then keeping the pace through every quarter of the AI game. Sounds like a Hail Mary pass in the making, [...]

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NLP Logix Internship: It’s A Win-Win

NLP Logix Internship: It's A Win-Win At NLP Logix, we embrace the importance of learning and development, which is why we are often found in the educational community, teaching classes, presenting, and attending career fairs. With a passion for Data Science, we work to provide students with the right tools and support to become Developers, Engineers, Mathematicians, Analysts, and Operations team members. “We have paid college internships across all teams at NLP Logix. It’s a win-win. They add tremendous value and bring a fresh perspective while gaining hands-on experience in day-to-day,” states Kelly Usry, Client Operations Manager. “Interns provide a spark of energy and enthusiasm that NLP Logix team members thrive on.”   Chelsea Abraham, NLP Logix Operations Intern, is studying Computer Science at the University of North Florida. “I’m constantly amazed by the opportunities and challenges that this field has to offer,” states Abraham. “From my personal experience interning at NLP Logix, I’ve gained a lot of valuable knowledge, skills, and experience that will benefit me in my professional career.  I have been able to learn many things from Python scripts to understanding databases and how to write queries. Through my interactions with clients and employees, I was able [...]

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Bootcamp is ALIVE at NLP Logix

Bootcamp is ALIVE at NLP Logix Bootcamp is shaping the minds of some Jacksonville teens interested in data science. At NLP Logix, we are passionate about nurturing the next generation of Data Scientists and providing them with a head start in their careers. However, the benefits we receive from this endeavor are equally rewarding. For the past eight summers, NLP Logix has been organizing a transformative 5-week summer bootcamp machine learning program specifically designed for rising high school seniors. In line with our motto, "Data Science is a Team Sport®," this Bootcamp encourages students to work collaboratively in teams while mastering the fundamentals of analytics and machine learning. We take great pride in highlighting the involvement of Alive Credit Union in the 2023 Summer Machine Learning Boot Camp. Their active participation is a testament to their commitment to embracing data-driven decision-making and fostering innovation within the financial services industry. By generously sharing their expertise, distributing engaging swag, and engaging in thought-provoking discussions, Alive Credit Union is igniting a spark within young minds to explore the limitless possibilities that data and analytics offer. Through their support, Alive Credit Union is leading the way towards a future where data-driven insights [...]

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Everyday AI – All Around

Everyday AI Everyday AI is hard to ignore. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly present in our everyday lives, we can see how AI technology can be used to automate mundane tasks and to make our lives easier. We are seeing AI being used everywhere, from voice-activated home assistants, to customer service chatbots, to self-driving cars. It is no surprise, then, that software companies are now turning to Everyday AI to help automate their routines. At NLP Logix, we are actively using AI to make our workflow more efficient. One way we are doing this is by using a product called GitHub Co-pilot. This platform helps developers automate mundane but necessary steps in the development workflow, freeing up their time to focus on more complex, logical tasks. GitHub Co-pilot also allows developers to share their code with the rest of the team, review and approve changes, and even automate the process of writing code. While Co-pilot certainly saves us time in automating things like the development of test cases and standardizing repeated patterns, it is not always accurate. In fact, it is often confidently wrong. Acting as the “human in the loop,” developers must carefully review and test [...]

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Data Science Project Managers – Driving Success

Keeping Projects Hot While Staying Cool Data science has rapidly become one of the hottest, most sought-after fields in technology today. Companies of all industries are seeking the assistance of Data Science teams to build models, conduct data analysis, provide insights, etc. And while the data scientists themselves are critical to the solution’s success, the team’s project manager is also key. A project manager (PM) provides structure and focus for the data science team. They take input from business partners and determine the project workflow, ensuring that the project is completed on time and within constraints. Utilizing their expertise and resources, the PM assesses the cost, time, and risk of a project to make sure the team is set up for success. tilizing their experience, a PM is able to coordinate the right decision and navigate the unexpected. By bridging the gap between the client and data science teams, a PM facilitates communication and collaboration between the two, ensuring everyone is on the same page. The PM also ensures that business objectives are kept in mind during the analysis process and that the data science team is actually solving a real-world problem. NLP Logix, Director of Project Management, Natalie [...]

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Model Development in AI – Best Practices

Emerj AI in Business Podcast with Katie Bakewell Tune in to an AI in Business podcast on Managing Model Development - with Katie Bakewell of NLP Logix ( - to learn how business leaders can prevent difficulties during model development through the data science lifecycle. Together with Emerj Senior Matthew DeMello, Katie Bakewell, an NLP Logix Data Science Solutions Architect, offers best practices when identifying where models misinterpret the reality of the results and what tactics can be used to accommodate evolving business strategies.  Grab your earbuds for more from NLP Logix on Emerj:  Overcoming Obstacles in Reaching ROI for AI Projects - with Fallon Gorman of NLP Logix ( Value of Topic Search in Detecting Signals with ROI - with Ben Webster of NLP Logix (

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The Value of Topic Search in Data Science

Emerj AI in Business Podcast with Ben Webster In this episode of the AI in Business Podcast, we shed light on the Value of Topic Search in Detecting Signals with ROI - with Ben Webster of NLP Logix ( Ben Webster, an NLP Logix Data Science Solutions Architect, discusses the use of topic search as a business capability, as well as the importance of detecting and responding to meaningful signals from both inside and outside the organization in order to achieve ROI. Together with Emerj Senior Matthew DeMello, Ben addresses the challenges with this modern discipline and how to connect the results.  Grab your earbuds for more riveting discussion from NLP Logix on Emerj:  Overcoming Obstacles in Reaching ROI for AI Projects - with Fallon Gorman of NLP Logix ( Managing Model Development - with Katie Bakewell of NLP Logix (

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AI Projects – Overcoming Obstacles

Emerj AI in Business Podcast with Fallon Gorman Join Fallon Gorman, NLP Logix COO, for an AI in Business Podcast on Overcoming Obstacles in Reaching ROI for AI Projects ( In this podcast, Fallon discusses the challenges of achieving ROI for AI projects; She shares her experiences and expertise on how identifying pain points can reveal larger underlying issues. By addressing these issues and implementing effective solutions, businesses can ease discomfort and find a healthy ROI. Grab your earbuds for more from NLP Logix on Emerj:  The Value of Topic Search in Detecting Signals with ROI - with Ben Webster of NLP Logix ( Managing Model Development - with Katie Bakewell of NLP Logix (

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AI Model Support Around the Clock

Rock Around the Clock with Support AI Model Support matters! As a technology solution moves through Productionalization, similar to any performance, rehearsals are required prior to the live show. When the thumbs up is given, and the curtain rises, just like Bill Haley and His Comets (you may have to be over 40 to know this band reference) that’s when the NLP Logix’s Client Operations Team hits the dance floor to Rock Around the Clock, with continuous solution support.   “One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock rock Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock, rock Nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock, rock We're gonna rock around the clock tonight.”   With businesses becoming more global and technology becoming more complex, providing around-the-clock, quality support is increasingly important. A reliable on-going support model not only helps clients solve problems quickly and effectively but also helps to build their trust in NLP Logix. When clients are stuck with technology issues during traditional off-hours, having access to a knowledgeable industry expert is invaluable in minimizing downtime and enabling solutions to be implemented in a timely and efficient manner. A continuous support model allows clients to receive assistance, no matter how complicated the issue [...]

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