Responsible AI: Morality of Use

Responsible AI: Morality of Use As technology advances and artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in everyday life, ethical considerations are coming to the forefront of discussion. With AI gaining the ability to make decisions, people are beginning to question the morality of its use. One of the main ethical concerns with AI is its potential to negatively impact jobs and the economy. AI can automate processes that humans used to do, leading to job losses and an economic downturn. This can cause a great deal of economic hardship for people, and governments must take steps to mitigate the effects. Another ethical concern is the potential for AI to be used to discriminate against certain groups of people. AI can be used to make decisions based on biased data, leading to unfair outcomes. To ensure that AI is used ethically, it is important for organizations to ensure that their AI models are built and tested with ethical considerations in mind. Additionally, it is important for governments to create regulations that prevent the misuse of AI. By taking into account the ethical implications of AI, organizations and governments can ensure that AI is used responsibly and for the benefit of [...]

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Human in the Loop

Human in the Loop The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into businesses and everyday life is growing rapidly. AI is being used to automate processes, improve customer service, and make decisions on behalf of humans. While AI is expected to create huge efficiency gains, it is also raising questions about trust, accountability, and human oversight. To address these issues, more companies are turning to “Human in the Loop” AI.   Human in the Loop AI is a type of AI system in which humans are actively involved in the decision-making process. Human input serves as a type of check and balance on the system, ensuring that decisions are made with the best interests of the end user in mind. This type of AI has become increasingly important as AI-powered systems become more complex and autonomous.   One example of Human in the Loop AI is the use of “explainable AI” or XAI. XAI is a type of AI that is designed to explain its decisions, making it easier for humans to understand how the system arrived at its conclusions. This type of AI can be used to help humans understand why decisions are made, and to allow for more informed [...]

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Pro-duc-tion-a-li-za-tion | Noun:

Pro-duc-tion-a-li-za-tion | noun:   Productionalization | noun: The implementation of a technology solution into a live production environment. Although not an official word of Merriam Webster, and it is redlined every time it is typed, NLP Logix is focused on productionalization of collaboratively-built technology solutions for client.    The productionalization process begins with the evaluation of the concept, idea, or prototype;  this step assesses the feasibility of the product or service, analyzing the target market, and identifying potential risks and obstacles.  This evaluation process helps to determine whether the product or service is worth the investment and has the potential to be profitable.  Once the concept has been evaluated and given a thumbs up, a plan is developed for productionalization.  The plan will outline the steps needed for a production-ready system.  NLP Logix Client Operations Engineer, Michael Carter states, “In this stage of productionalization, NLP Logix works with the client to develop a timeline, budget, and identify resources that are needed to complete the project.”  As a potential path next step, a minimum viable product (MVP)/prototype is developed.  This involves creating a simplified version of the solution that can be tested with quality assurance (QA).  The purpose of this step is [...]

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AirPro Case Study

AirPro: A Case Study that Steps into Augmented Reality Background Context  AirPro Diagnostics is a leader in automotive diagnostics scanning and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) calibrations.  According to Benefit from AirPro’s Total ADAS Calibration Solution (, in order to reduce accidents on the road, manufacturers incorporate advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) into the vehicles they build. However, crashes can still occur, and it isn’t unusual for components of the ADAS to become misaligned or damaged during an incident—damage that can’t simply be inspected visually.  When repairs must be done, it is crucial to calibrate a vehicle’s ADAS properly. Returning systems to their original specifications is crucial for safe operation. If calibration is off-kilter, the driver will depend upon unreliable information. NLP Logix Data Analyst, Austin Seymour states, “The importance of vehicle cameras being properly calibrated is vital because it impacts features such as lane-keeping assist (LKA) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) technologies, making it difficult to drive reliably, leading to accidents, injury, and even fatalities.”  Augmented Reality  Augmented reality is used to add computer-rendered graphics to real pictures and videos. Using augmented reality technology, AirPro developed the AUGGIE (a complete, portable, wireless, indoor/outdoor product) which is used to [...]

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How Can I Leverage All of my Data?

How Can I Leverage All of my Data? Introducing the 10Q – Data Assessment Have years’ worth of data collected across multiple systems? You know it is valuable but don’t know what to do with it? You want to be innovative with AI but not sure how ready your data is? To better help our partners answer these questions, we created a data discovery framework we call the 10Q. I know what you’re thinking, 10Q, are these guys the FEDs? We love our country very much, but we are not the Feds asking for your 10Q quarterly report. 10Q actually stands for 10 questions that we ask every week as we dive deep into your data.   Now that is out of the way, let’s take a deep dive into what the 10Q process is:  Step one   Taking an inventory of our client data, which involves pulling data from various sources and compiling the data into one cohesive structure. Equally as important as data gathering is tribal knowledge gathering. Through workshops and interviews, NLP Logix learns from all levels of the organization to understand how data is collected and used today, what processes are in place, and what areas [...]

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NLP Logix Teams with ADVOS Legal to Establish Ethical and Legal Use of AI Resource 

Responsible AI For the past decade, NLP Logix has been designing, developing and implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for our customers across the United States.  As one of the fastest-growing AI/ML companies in the US, it is important that we ensure that we are making our best efforts to keep up with the growing number of laws and pending legislation that can impact the way we deliver customer solutions services.  To accomplish this task, NLP Logix has partnered with ADVOS Legal to regularly update a new page on the NLP Logix website, providing current information on the latest legal issues that could impact AI/ML solutions development.  In addition, NLP Logix meets twice a month with ADVOS to discuss both legal and ethical use of the AI/ML tools that we use every day to deliver automation solutions to our customers.  “ADVOS Legal has been our general counsel for four years and has guided us through this extremely high growth period in the history of our company,” said Ted Willich, CEO, NLP Logix.  “Gwen Griggs and her team have had a front row seat on the details and strategies of organizations deploying AI/ML solutions so we knew they were [...]

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A Note From Our Data Science Solutions Architects on ChatGPT  

What is it? Why is it a big deal? If you’ve been online in the last few months, the topic of ChatGPT is difficult to avoid. In fact, ChatGPT overtook AI in Google searches! In the most basic terms, ChatGPT is an algorithm that can generate human-like text from a prompt. ChatGPT is an advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology called a transformer that can understand the meaning of natural language text and generate human-like responses. What makes ChatGPT special is that it has been trained on a vast corpus of text data and uses advanced algorithms to understand and process natural language input. ChatGPT provides helpful responses to users and constantly learns from provided feedback; this is not to say ChatGPT is never wrong - occasionally, ChatGPT has "hallucinations" where it provides wrong answers. Having a human-in-the-loop based approach is a vital part of ensuring that ChatGPT results are accurate and providing value. Transformer models, first developed by the Google Brain team in 2017, have revolutionized the field of natural language processing. The Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) is "pre-trained" on large amounts of text data using unsupervised learning techniques, which means that it learns to understand the structure and [...]

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Today’s Challenges in the Debt Recovery Industry

Propensity to Pay – Machine Learning Model Development Have you called, sent emails, and taken the last-ditch effort of snail mail?  Is the price of debt recovery putting you in debt?  How do you persuade a customer in today’s economic environment to pay their debt?  Perhaps it is not about persuasion but understanding the propensity to pay. Finding a customer’s propensity to pay can offer: Likelihood of payment, taking into account Date of Service Age, Date of Placement age, Balance, Location (income, economics, education, etc.) Consumer’s preferred communication method Time of day patient prefers communication Since 2014, NLP Logix has been partnering with companies in the debt recovery industry to build machine learning models that better predict customer accounts and their propensity to pay. By working with the debt recovery organization’s engineers models are seamlessly integrated into their current operations,  providing analytic dashboards for tracking KPIs. Organizations working in accounts receivable management face increasing costs, significant regulation, and changes in consumer behavior. NLP Logix Technical Lead, Katie Bakewell states, “The first hurdle in tackling accounts receivable is contacting the consumer – which could mean getting them on the phone or sending a letter or text. Focusing on the propensity [...]

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Solving for Good 

Since 2013, Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) has been on a mission to foster the use of data science for positive social impact.  Founded at the University of Chicago, the program trains and supports a new generation of data scientists by identifying non-profit organizations that are working to affect change in their communities and have data management, analysis, and data visualization needs.    Each community organization selected by DSSG brings a unique project with real-world learning opportunities.  These projects have the potential to shift understanding around community issues, influence planning, revise practices, or see efforts in supporting community initiatives more focused or renewed.    Locally, the Florida Data Science for Social Good (FL-DSSG) program at the University of North Florida (UNF) created an intensive 12-week DSSG student internship.  NLP Logix is the proud sponsor of FL-DSSG, assisting interns in tackling these data-rich projects. NLP Logix Modeling and Analytics Team Lead Katie Bakewell serves as a Sherpa, mentoring interns on industry best practices for solving data science problems, advising program directors on work plans, and providing technical guidance on project tasks. As a friend of NLP Logix, learn more on how you can further support the Florida DSSG Program:  UNF FLDSSG  2022 [...]

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Knowing the Answer to “WHY?”

The parent lacking patience may say the answer is “because.” The teacher lacking inspiration may say the answer is “find out on your own.” The person lacking confidence may say the answer is “I don’t know.” Notice anything about these answers to WHY?   What do they say about a purpose? More importantly, what do they have in common? Think about it for a moment.  In the book "Start with Why," Simon Sinek shows how leaders with the greatest influence in the world all think, act, and communicate the same way--it's the opposite of what everyone else does.  In the above examples… the answers to “WHY” are based on lack and avoidance. We’ve all been there. There could be something in the WHY that we don’t want to face. There could be emotions tied up in the WHY that we don’t want to feel. There could even be an inner voice in the WHY that echoes “you will fail.” Despite all of this, the executives at NLP Logix sat down together to determine the WHY Statement of NLP LOGIX… and what they discovered was powerful!   The Why Statement is a sentence that should clearly express a company’s (or team’s) distinctive [...]

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A Letter from Our CEO, Ted Willich

A Letter from Our CEO, Ted Willich Looking Forward to 2023 The team here at NLP Logix enjoys reflecting on the past year and putting our plans together for another successful year!  This year is no different and we are excited to continue to grow our business and team.  To facilitate this growth, we have reorganized the company to reflect our passion for solving our customers hardest data problems! The three functional areas and their responsibilities are: Data Science team, which is led by our Co-Founder and CIO, Matt Berseth.  The Data Science team is responsible for all Research and Development, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions, including applications to monitor model health in our customers production systems.  They are responsible for staying aware of the latest machine learning/AI technologies and when applicable, adopt and deliver them to our customers, as well as provide industry leadership on the ethical use of AI. Modern Solutions team, which is led by our CTO, Robert Brown.  The Modern Solutions team is responsible for all software engineering, cloud and modern data architecture deliverables for our customers.  They are charged with staying aware of the latest infrastructure advancements, including AWS and Azure, as [...]

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Model Health Monitoring: Ride the Wave

Ride the Wave - Model Health Monitoring How do data science and ocean tides correlate?  A predictive analysis could be performed on the movement of currents and the ebb of tides, but let’s instead consider “drift” in relation to model health, the occasional subtle changes that may, or may not, occur over time within a model.  Drift is evidence that the data going into or coming out of a model is changing over time. Subtle changes may occur within models that often go unnoticed.  Recognizing the warning signs of possible shifts is essential in model health monitoring.  In a recent presentation called Catch My Drift, NLP Logix Modeling & Analytics Team Lead, Mary Sheridan, spoke about feature drift and why it should be an important part of model health.    Sheridan states, “Over time, many things can cause a model’s performance to degrade, and we are often not privy to this information until it is too late.  One way to help detect whether a model may be at risk is to monitor changes in its features over time.  If we see the data driving the model’s predictions is changing, that can be an indicator that the model’s predictions may [...]

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RPA Health

Ride the Wave of Model Health Monitoring Preventative maintenance is beneficial to health…even for a bot. Immune to the nuance of human errors, bots used in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are some of the strongest workers, even while working their 24/7 shifts.  Incorporating RPA into your business and shifting your human workforce to higher-level tasks can reduce error rates and allow you to recognize efficiency gains.    In the world of automation, system health is a priority.  Health can degrade due to any slight changes to the user interface (UI) or updates to the systems it touches.  As a precautionary method to maintain the automation flow, NLP Logix Client Operations, aka Bot Health Docs, are on hand to support and provide checkups as needed.  Success rates are measured and monitored using dashboards designed for bot health monitoring.  In addition, regular client communication is scheduled to discuss any pending changes to the bot environments.    One of NLP Logix’s RPA clients, Corridor, is a trusted business partner to non-acute healthcare providers for revenue cycle management (RCM) services. Forward-thinking in their approach, Corridor utilizes bots to acquire key patient data from their clients’ electronic medical records (EMR) to enable a range of [...]

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Theme and Sentiment Analysis

Theme and Sentiment Analysis Many organizations are focused more and more on the experience of customers, employees, and partners recognizing that behind every person is a story. These stories can help organizations illuminate and improve moments that matter most to individuals. Often these stories are gathered through open-ended questions in surveys and questionnaires. As more and more qualitative feedback/stories are collected, the problem lies within how to leverage the insights, positive or negative, for continuous improvement in organizations. These stories can serve to assist organizations in recognizing the behavior, preferences, wants, and needs of those they serve—not as point-in-time insights, but as an ongoing relationship. “Businesses know there is a richness in the qualitative feedback they have collected, yet many struggle with the best way to utilize it in a systematic way to help make better business decisions, quicker,” states NLP Logix Modeling and Analytics Lead, Mary Sheridan. To bring an understanding to this mass of open-ended feedback NLP Logix has developed a theme and sentiment analysis solutions to gather, collect, categorize and inform organizations of insights. Theme and sentiment analysis was built utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) to do the following: To organize and tag comments with appropriate themes. To [...]

Databricks Partnership

Databricks Drives Business Value Machine learning services built on Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform provide expedited value to clients to solve their big data problems. NLP Logix, one of the fastest growing custom machine learning/artificial intelligence companies in the United States, today announced they have partnered with Databricks, the lakehouse company, to drive business value by unifying data and artificial intelligence (AI).  NLP Logix brings over a dozen years of experience in developing and deploying custom machine learning and business automation solutions across multiple industries including defense, human resources, non-profit, financial services and others. "At NLP Logix we say that "Data Science is a Team Sport.®" - Matt Berseth, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer This announcement provides inherent value by Databricks offering the most technologically advanced data lakehouse platform, which unifies an organization’s most valuable data assets: data, analytics and AI into a single environment where the experienced data science team at NLP Logix can quickly develop and deploy machine learning models onto the Lakehouse Platform. “We have seen the evolution from data warehouses in the ‘1990’s to 2000’s to Data Lakes in the [...]

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