AI in 5

Video Series

Meet Our Team…

…as they answer common questions about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as well as practical information about what to expect during implementation.

Learn about Artificial Intelligence in 5 minutes or less!

What Role Does a Customer Play in an AI Build?

Will you have any control over the AI build?  What will be expected of you? Kristine LaBarbera, our Operations Manager, discusses your role in the process.

Team Needs for a Successful AI Implementation

What will your staffing needs be after you have implemented a new AI model? Robert Marsh, our Chief Technology Officer answers this question

What is the Value of AI and Automation for My Organization?

Ted Willich, our CEO, talks about the value that AI and Automation can add to your organization

How do I Measure Performance for a Machine Learning Model?

Katie Bakewell, Lead Statistician, talks about measuring performance for Machine Learning models.

How Should I Encourage AI Adoption?

Robby Robertson, our Chief Operating Officer, discusses encouraging AI Adoption within your organization.

What is Deep Learning?

Matt Berseth, our Lead Scientist at NLP Logix, talks about Deep Learning.