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Modeling and Integration

Machine Learning-Powered Modeling

Implement statistical and predictive models into your organization to increase your business process optimization. The machine learning supporting these systems is what enables our models to scan bodies of text and make valuable predictions from data, provide a higher level of accuracy, rate accuracy of predictions, and utilize live market data.

Case Study : F-35 Fighter Jets

NLP Logix, working with Andromeda Systems, Inc, has created a predictive model to assist the Department of Defense with maintenance for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Jet.  The model determines the best schedule for parts replacement and preemptive repairs to keep the Fighter Jets in optimal condition.

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Predictive Models

Predictive Models

Machine learning-powered models take data a step further, offering predictive insights to aid you in making data-driven decisions

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

NLP models allow insights from hard-to-access text data sources, generating everything from customer sentiment to identifying named entities

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Deep learning models allow computers to “see” data captured in images, allowing classification and quantification of the information



Our combination of statistical and machine learning forecasting techniques provide accurate predictions over extended periods of time.

Not sure where to start?

“We haven’t considered any alternatives and we are not aware of any. This is a space that is becoming popular and we’ve been on this path for a long time but haven’t seen any competitor that has the experience. We believe that NLP has something unique – they are on the verge of growing significantly”

Robert McCutcheon, Andromeda Systems, Inc

The Model Highway

Insuring that a model in production stays healthy requires continued auditing. Our custom machine learning tools and statistical analysis will insure that your production models are actively monitored and maintained.

Whether it’s our own custom-built models or your existing models, they will run smoother on the NLP Logix Model Highway.

Model Health and Performance Monitoring

Prevent model decay with proactive performance monitoring. Click to learn more about Model Performance Monitoring.


Models can estimate future mortgage rates, run systems checks on planes and predict when parts will need replacing, anticipate future sales, and even rate the accuracy of their predictions.

  • understanding text
  • classify breast cancer from a slide
  • forecasting

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