Published On: November 16th, 2023Categories: Blog

NLP Logix at the 2023 North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology

In 2013 NLP Logix began working with the Florida Poison Information Center Network to create Tableau dashboards to enable statistical analyses of Poison Center data and data from Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. Over a decade later, this partnership has grown to include the maintenance and enhancement of the code base for the proprietary electronic medical record (EMR) platform known as “ToxSentry.” Owned by the University of Florida and Grady Hospital Corporation, ToxSentry had been specifically designed by, and for use by, Poison Control Centers (PCCs).

ToxSentry includes a suite of products:

  • ToxSentry:

EMR Platform for healthcare practitioners working in poison centers

  • ToxSentry Web (aka, QueryBuilder):

Web Based ad hoc query and reporting tool

  • ToxSentry ancillary modules (e.g. NPDS Auto Uploader, ToxSentry Search Assistant):

Provide automatic data upload to national and statewide databases and integration of POISINDEX Clinical Information Systems

  • ToxSentry Analytics:

Data characterization/analytics via an array of Tableau dashboards

The ToxSentry Consortium consists of a group of PCCs who have worked in partnership with NLP Logix to develop enhancement solutions to fit their clinical and administrative needs. NLP Logix’s Modern Solutions Software Engineer, Jim Alabiso, states, “The partnership between NLP Logix and the ToxSentry Consortium is genuinely unique in the Poison Center industry. Our dedicated ToxSentry team at NLP Logix works closely with the Consortium and various individual Poison Control Centers daily, and internally, we are a tight team who affectionately refer to ourselves as the “Toxies.” Everyone we work with makes going to work interesting and fun… not at all a “toxic” environment.”

Alabiso and NLP Logix’s Sales Manager, Robert Thomas, ventured to Canada this past month to attend the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (NAACT). The primary objective – Present the features and capabilities of ToxSentry to non-Consortium PCCs and to meet with many of our enthusiastic Consortium clients. Thomas and Alabiso agreed, “Showcasing ToxSentry at the conference was a great experience. The innovation and partnership found between the end-users, builders, and maintainers of the software truly stands out.” Throughout the conference, existing customers and key figures from various poison centers echoed phrases such as “ToxSentry is an indispensable tool for us” and “This product is reshaping how we work.”

Yet, NAACT wasn’t solely about soaking in the acclaim. The team engaged with Consortium administration partners, sharing demonstrations and discussing the expansive capabilities of ToxSentry. The dialogue was rich, with both parties sharing ideas, experiences, and visions for the future of Poison Center EMR capabilities.

The conference itself offered an array of sessions with top-notch educational takeaways. Renowned experts across North America and internationally shared their research, insights, and perspectives, emphasizing the ever-evolving landscape of clinical toxicology and poison center practice.

The NLP Logix team returned from the conference with highlighted confidence in ToxSentry’s potential and a clear vision for its future endeavors. The trip reinforced the team’s commitment to excellence with the anticipation of further advancing the frontier of innovation in the realm of ToxSentry. Learn more about promoting your NLP Logix solution.