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At NLP Logix, we build custom Analytics and AI Solutions for customers everyday. In addition to our custom solutions, we have three proprietary products available to customers globally. Learn more about these offerings and get in touch with the NLP Logix team to see if they could be a fit within your business.

Matchpoint saves up to 50% of the time it takes to find and engage with the right talent. By cleverly automating key aspects of the recruiter’s role, Matchpoint can deliver qualified and interested candidates in a fraction of the time it takes the old-fashioned way. In this economy, speed is everything!

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Paypensity provides accounts receivable management and collections organizations with the ability to increase collections & debt recovery through the creation of data-driven, customer specific contact strategies, dynamic scoring, and advanced analytics.

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Performance Matters. The Scribe Fusion technology allows for the processing of large volumes of paper documents with a mixture of OCR/ICR and artificial intelligence to interpret documents in much the same way humans do. This novel approach has led to drastic improvements in the data capture accuracy rates and scalability.

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