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Support Done Differently

NLP Logix specializes in building custom technology solutions in a few different areas: Analytics/Reporting, Data Capture (OCR, RPA), Modeling (Tabular, Language, Image), and Application Development. The long-term success of our technology solutions relies on the ability of our clients to maximize the value of their investment through solution adoption and value realization. To assist our clients to this end, the NLP Logix support function under our Client Enablement Team, is made up of three components:

  • Client Operations

Client Operations is responsible for ongoing support, maintenance, and optimizations for our technology solutions

  • Client Success

Client Success is responsible for client retention, growth, and ongoing client relationship management

  • Help Desk

Help Desk is a function that supports our internal team

Custom Solutions Require Custom Support

Our Client Enablement Team is built for scalability.  Beginning with product deployment, we ensure the solution remains stable and reliable for our clients by proactively monitoring and optimizing, along with reacting to end-user issues and other alerts. As things change in production, we are monitoring solution health and able to react quickly to adapt to those changes.

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Model Performance Monitoring

Predictive models require a hands-on, proactive approach to support.

Model Performance Monitoring goes deeper, evaluating the model inputs and outputs to detect more subtle signals that a model may not be delivering its intended value before the model starts to impact key business decisions.