The Challenges of Machine Learning Models

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The challenges of Machine Learning models Machine Learning models are becoming increasingly more popular as data science teams are finding new ways to apply these models across a variety of industries and use cases.  From predicting outcomes such as how fast a wound will heal to training a model to read and extract text from documents, ML models can be applied to almost any use case provided the right data is available.     Much of the heavy lifting when building ML models happens in the early stages of gathering and understanding data, modeling the data and training the model.  However, actually putting the model into production has its own [...]

Business Process Management with Decisions and NLP Logix

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Decisions and NLP Logix Announce Partnership to bring the Power of Machine Learning to Business Process Management   Jacksonville, FL. - July 1, 2020 - The Decisions no-code workflow and rules platform was designed to enable businesses to automate and optimize their digital business processes but do so in a way that is able to be done by non-programming staff. NLP Logix was founded with the mission to bring the power of machine learning to industry by becoming its customers outsourced data science team. With the combination of the Decisions platform and NLP Logix machine learning tools and team, the ability to quickly and affordably integrate artificial intelligence to workflows is now here. [...]

Weighing the Options: In House Vs Outsourcing Automation Programs

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Are you considering using an in-house team of Data Scientists to implement an Automation program? Before you make your decision, consider the following criteria. Over the last 9 years, the team here at NLP Logix has developed hundreds of AI/ML solutions throughout a wide variety of industries.  From building predictive maintenance models for the F-35 to detecting breast cancer tumors in pathology slides, we have seen a lot when it comes to AI and automation. Often times we have clients who are debating whether or not to hire an outside firm such as NLP Logix, or build these solutions in-house by hiring an internal data science team.  The answer to that question [...]

5 Tips for Applying Automation to Your Recruiting Process

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5 Tips for Applying Automation to Your Recruiting Process   It seems that there are new products entering in the HR Tech space almost every day.  For a long time, most staffing and recruiting teams heavily relied on their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage much of their day to day operations.  The leading Applicant Tracking Systems continue to add more features and functionality, however in recent years, many new recruiting technologies have emerged that promise new and improved ways to recruit and manage your staffing business.  Many of these new products include some form of A.I. or automation.      Applying automation to your recruiting workflows can sound like a daunting [...]

Start Automation with Assessment

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How it's done and the results.   One of the first steps to consider before starting to explore any automation solutions is to take a holistic look at your entire organization and workflows.  The easiest way to do this is through an initial 6-8 week assessment.  This is a critical first step as it will provide the foundation for your automation plans and will help define your approach.    Starting the Process   When we kickoff automation assessments with our clients, it is important that they are part of the process.  As we say here at NLP Logix, “Data Science is a Team Sport®” and our clients are part of that team [...]

Why Your Business Needs Automation Now

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Leverage the power of automation to streamline processes and cut costs in times of economic uncertainty.   It's no secret that the economic state of the United States is uncertain, and companies are starting to feel uneasy about future business decisions. It's time like this, when automation and AI can be a critical component to a business' future success.   See how NLP Logix can automate your business to save costs   The common objections to AI and automation in a business is often costs. However, with a strategic outlook on mid and long term business growth, automation may be the key to saving your business from economic scrutiny. Robotics Process Automation [...]

Stellar Recovery Deploys Revolutionary Predictive Modeling Technology for Big Return on Investment

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