Published On: September 10th, 2013Categories: Case Studies, Data Science, Predictive Modeling, Press Releases


Premium wireless retailer leverages big data to optimize offerings to clients.


“The data model helps me stay a step ahead of my customers so we are ready when they walk in the door.” – Edwin Derderian, Owner, Wireless Zone, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL




The top-performing Wireless Zone premium retailer in the state of Florida is taking customer service to a new level. Edwin Derderian, who has owned and operated the Wireless Zone in Ponte Vedra Beach for over eight years, is putting his big data to work to enhance his store’s offering to his existing and future clients.


“My customers expect our store to carry the latest wireless technology and accessory offering available,” said Derderian. “The challenge is we have limited wall and display space in the store and a very small stock room.


To answer that challenge, the Wireless Zone is moving into a new and more modern store, two doors down from their current location, and have turned to Jacksonville-based predictive modeling company, NLP Logix, to design and maintain a data model that will guide the marketing and display of new products.


Ben Webster, data scientist with NLP Logix is leading the development of the technology solutions. “We’ve developed a model that takes the general make-up of Edwin’s client base and have mapped it to the type of products and services they prefer. This model gives tremendous insight as to which products and services to keep in stock.”


What was once the domain of the largest companies like Amazon, who have a suggestion service that it provides its customers to alert them of products that may be of interest, is now available to retailers like the Wireless Zone operated by Derderian.


“The data model helps me stay a step ahead of my customers so we are ready when they walk in the door.”